Success Stories

Ashley C.
ASAS Orlando Student

Ashley C. is an 8th grade student from the Orlando After-School All-Stars chapter. Ashley grew up in a divorced home with deaf parents. She was often homeless and was living off food stamps. Before joining ASAS, Ashley remembers thinking “College? You don’t need that!” Thanks to ASAS she has come to discover her talents for volleyball and painting. Here, she talks about how her ASAS counselors inspired her, totally turning around her outlook on what she hopes to achieve, and how she hopes to grow up to help other children.

Ti’Andre D.
ASAS South Florida Alumnus

High School Graduate Ti’Andre, graduate of ASAS programming in South Florida, says ASAS changed the trajectory of his life. Ti’Andre grew up in the Liberty City neighborhood of Miami, raised by a single mother of four. Before joining the program, he did not have the resources and support he needed for success. Teachers described him as a child with a bad temper and a “don’t mess with me” attitude. Upon joining ASAS at Miami’s Brownsville Middle School, Ti’Andre turned his attitude around thanks to programs that engaged his talents and staff that showed him that they were invested in his success. Ti’Andre soon began competing in oratory debates and using his newly developed persuasive skills to encourage his peers to join and volunteer with ASAS. Ti’Andre also attended All-Stars’ perspective-altering CampUs program– an intensive overnight summer camp held at universities across the country that prepares 9th grade students for college. Ti’Andre says that ASAS has taught him to be himself, helped him understand the value of a good education, and introduced him to his current role models and mentors.